Owings, MD — TVAnswerman.com, the web site which provides daily news and consumer advice on new TV technologies, has already generated more than one million page views in September with 10 days left in the month, the site announced today. The traffic surge has been led by TV Answer Man’s coverage of the two high-profile carriage disputes between Charter’s Spectrum TV and Disney, and DIRECTV and Nexstar. However, stories on how to get the most from YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket and Amazon’s Thursday Night Football have also been highly popular. Other highly read articles include the site’s picks for the best movies added during the month to Netflix, Hulu, Max and other streaming services.

“When I launched TV Answer Man in 2016, I thought there was a clear need for a site that provided simple advice on how to navigate the increasingly complex world of television,” says Phillip Swann, editor and publisher of TVAnswerMan.com. “TV isn’t easy anymore but we try to make it easy as possible with how-to service articles and guidance on what to do when things go sideways such as when you lose your favorite channel in a carriage dispute or your streaming service starts buffering.”

The site provides daily news, analysis, and how-to features on everything from Smart TVs to streaming to 4K TV to, well, you name it.  As part of the site’s mission, TV Answer Man also answers your questions via e-mail or X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter. Swann’s X page can be found here. If you have a question about new TV technology, send it to The TV Answer Man at swann@tvanswerman.com and we will do our best to provide a clear and helpful answer. TVAnswerman.com is written and published by Phillip Swann, longtime journalist and author in the TV technology category.  He can be reached at swann@tvanswerman.com