Last Monday morning, The TV Answer Man noticed that YouTube TV’s mobile Home Page featured a free six-month preview of its $9.99 a month 4K add-on plan for new base subscribers. However, the deal, which was not on the desktop page, was soon removed.

When contacted by this reporter, the YouTube TV support team said it was an “engineering glitch” and that the offer did not exist.

However, the 6-month free 4K promo is back this morning but apparently only available to select customers. Let me explain — and show you how you might be able to redeem the offer.

YouTube TV (like other web sites) is able to present different home pages to different people, depending upon factors such as whether you are a new customer, an existing one, or one that cancelled in recent weeks. Depending upon your web history and order status, you might see a slightly different Home Page than someone else. YouTube TV does this because it occasionally wants to target certain potential customers.

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I am a ‘potential customer’ who subscribed briefly to YouTube TV (with the 4K plan) a year ago. When I went to the YouTube TV Home Page this morning, the six-month 4K plan offer was there. However, when I went to the Home Page using a private browsing window, which disguises my identity, it was not there. From this, I gather that YouTube TV is trying to target former customers who had the 4K plan.

The YouTube TV 4K free promo:

So, here is the link that I used to access the Home Page with the six-month free 4K promotion. I can not guarantee it will work for you but it’s worth a shot if you want to subscribe to YouTube TV and get 4K for free for six months. I have tried this link on a private browsing window and it took me to a YouTube TV page with the 4K free offer.

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If the promo is there when you click the link, the promo will be under the NFL Sunday Ticket section. It will read: “Enjoy a six month free preview of 4K Plus with Base plan.” There’s a Redeem button underneath that sentence.

YouTube TV’s base plan, which includes more than 100 live channels, is $72.99 a month. However, new subscribers can get $8 off each of the first three months of service. Regular prices apply after the three-month promotional term.

The live streamer now has the exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket with prices starting at $249 until June 6. The Ticket’s base price will rise to $349 after June 6.

Best of luck. You can let me know if you were able to get the 4K plan with the Contact form below.

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— Phillip Swann