By Phillip Swann
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YouTube TV today offered a free six-month preview of its $9.99 a month 4K add-on plan for new base subscribers. The promotional offer was available on YouTube TV’s mobile page but was not added to the desktop version as of 7 a.m. ET today.

The mobile site read: “Enjoy a six month free preview of 4K Plus with Base plan.” There’s a Redeem button, but the redemption page isn’t operative this morning. (See screenshot of the 4K promo at the bottom of this article.)

Update: As of 10 a.m. ET, YouTube TV has removed the six month preview promo if you visit the mobile site. However, it’s still up on the original page visited at 6 a.m. ET by The TV Answer Man. (Again, see the screenshot below.)

We asked YouTube TV’s support team for an explanation. They say it was probably an early morning “glitch.” However, the team said some former customers can now get a 3-month free preview of the 4K plan and that promo can be seen on some versions of the home page.

So, as of now, it looks like it’s 3 months, not six. We will update this article if we get more information.

Update #2: If you’re not seeing the 3-month free 4K preview on your page, try calling the YTTV support team.

The 4K add-on plan, which enables subscribers to watch select Fox, ESPN and NBC Sports programs in 4K, is normally $9.99 a month. The package also comes with unlimited simultaneous streams at home and the ability to watch recorded shows offline on a phone or tablet. You can learn more about the 4K plan here.

YouTube TV’s base plan, which includes more than 100 live channels, is $72.99 a month. However, new subscribers can get $10 off each of the first three months of service. Regular prices apply after the three month promotional term.

The live streamer now has the exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket with prices starting at $249 until June 6. The Ticket’s base price will rise to $349 after June 6.

Fox and CBS, which produces the Sunday Ticket games, have only done a few regular season contests in 4K. (In fact, CBS has never done a NFL game in 4K; Fox has.) But if the networks bump up their 4K coverage, YouTube TV would likely include them in the Ticket lineup.

Here’s a screenshot of today’s 4K promo:

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— Phillip Swann