TV Answer Man, I am getting T-Mobile with my new phone and I want to know how to get MLB TV for free which I heard they offer for free. Is there anything special I have to do to get it? — Jack, New Haven, Connecticut. 

Jack, for the seventh straight year, T-Mobile, the communications giant, is offering the MLB TV package for free with its wireless service. That will save you the $139.99 MLB TV cost. (The plan is now $129.99 in a pre-season promotion.) And you can watch the games on any supported device, not just your phone or tablet using T-Mobile.

But there is something you need to do to receive the free offer.

T-Mobile does not automatically add MLB TV to your plan. You have to sign up for it at or in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app sometime between April 5 and April 11. (You can download the app in your phone’s app store.) If you don’t sign up for the free MLB TV plan during that time, you will not get it via T-Mobile. If you need more details, visit T-Mobile’s MLB TV page here.

“A free MLB.TV subscription is not included automatically. All customers can claim their free 2022 MLB Regular Season subscription to MLB.TV ($139.99 value) at or the T-Mobile Tuesdays app beginning April 5, 2022,” T-Mobile says at its site.

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Why does T-Mobile require you to sign up for a free service? Why doesn’t it just add the plan to everyone’s account?

By requiring the sign up, the company reduces the number of people who will actually get MLB TV which undoubtedly limits the money it spends to buy the rights for the promotion.

Jack, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann