By Phillip Swann
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TV Answer Man, I was able to watch the Sunday Ticket in every room in my house when I had DIRECTV. But YouTube is restricting the Ticket to just two streams at the same time. Why? This seems unfair. People like to be able watch their video wherever they are. It’s 2023! Come on! YouTube TV normally has three streams at the same time so why only two for the Ticket?!! We have several people in the family who like to watch different games. Please explain. — Pete, Wilmington, Delaware. 

Pete, YouTube and YouTube TV last week unveiled the pricing for the 2023 NFL Sunday Ticket. And while the higher-than-expected prices generated considerable attention in the first few days, it’s the Ticket’s new rules and restrictions that’s now the talk of social media sites.

For example, let’s examine the two-screen maximum rule.

YouTube TV has launched a multi-view feature that will allow you to watch up to four games on one screen at the same time. That’s helpful for fantasy football fans looking to follow multiple games and players.

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In addition, you will be able to watch games on up to two screens at the same time. For example, you could have the Ticket on the Roku in the bedroom and the Fire TV in the living room. But if you wanted to watch a third game in a third room, let’s say the Man Cave in the basement, you couldn’t.

YouTube TV normally offers simultaneous streaming on three devices, but it’s limiting the Ticket to two. (Sunday Ticket streams do not count towards the base plan streams. For example, if you are watching the Ticket on two devices, you still have three left for other channels in the YouTube TV lineup.)

Why just two streams at the same time?

Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

YouTube doesn’t care if you are watching the Ticket in every room in the house. They do care if you, and several of your friends, are watching it on multiple devices in multiple households. By limiting the streams to two, YouTube is preventing you from sharing your Ticket username and password with multiple friends so they can watch without subscribing. The company agreed to pay $2.2 billion a year for the Ticket’s rights and it needs every sub it can get.

Of course, with two streams, you could watch the games and still share your account with one friend outside the home. But YouTube and Google are limiting the possible damage with the two stream rule.

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Pete, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann