By Phillip Swann
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TV Answer Man, I am a Sunday Ticket subscriber and I had difficulty last week accessing some games at first because of a message about verifying location. I think I figured it out because I finally got all the out of market games but it took awhile and I’m afraid it will happen again on Sunday (September 17). Do you know about this and how I can avoid it? — Marty, Kansas City.
Marty, several readers have sent e-mails this week saying they had issues with location error messages while trying to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket via YouTube Primetime Channels last Sunday. There were similar complaints on social media so YouTube this week issued an alert that urges the Primetime subs to set their locations on their mobile devices before the games begin today at 1 p.m. ET.  This is important because your Sunday Ticket lineup is determined by which games are not available on your local broadcasts. YouTube needs to know your location to determine which games to provide. (This does not appear to be an issue for YouTube TV subscribers because their location has already been set as part of the signing up process.)

“If you plan to watch NFL Sunday Ticket from the YouTube app on your Smart TV, set up your location before the games on Sunday (don’t put this off until game time!!) you’ll need to use your mobile device to verify your location, even if you watch on your TV,” YouTube says on its X customer service page. (X is formerly Twitter.)

According to YouTube, here’s how you can set your location:
1. From your mobile device, enable Location Sharing on your mobile web browser with the steps on this page.
2. Once Location Sharing is enabled on your mobile device, open the YouTube app on your TV and go to the NFL YouTube channel.
3. From the NFL shelf of upcoming games, select an upcoming game and follow the prompt to verify your location using your mobile device (If you don’t see a location prompt, you’re all set to watch.)

YouTube has also posted a video with further explanation which you can see here:

Marty, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann