By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

Google’s YouTube announced this evening that it will expand the number of streams available for the NFL Sunday Ticket on both YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels. Ticket subscribers will now have unlimited streams at home and two additional streams when watching away from home.

Previously, YouTube had restricted the Ticket to two simultaneous streams which was a source of contention from football fans who have multiple TVs at home and multiple friends outside the home who might want to share the cost of a subscription. However, with the new arrangement, a Ticket subscriber could put the Ticket on any TV in the house and still share his or her credentials with two people outside the household. (Also see: There Could Be a Problem With Password Sharing.)

“This just in! We’ve heard your feedback about @NFL  Sunday Ticket streaming limits and we’re excited to share that we’re including unlimited simultaneous streams at home for @NFL  Sunday Ticket content, on both YouTube TV and @YouTube,” YouTube said in a tweet. “For streaming on the go, you and your household will still have access to 2 additional streams.”

The switch comes just 12 days before YouTube’s Ticket early bird promotional offer is scheduled to end. Both YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels are offering the package of out-of-market Sunday afternoon games for $100 off if you order before June 6. That brings the price of the base package on YouTube TV to $249 instead of $349 and $289 instead of $389 on YouTube TV Primetime Channels.

The unlimited streams at home, and two on the road, could trigger more subscriptions before the June 6 deadline and after, although it’s not clear if Google is making this move because subscriptions have been disappointing to date.

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— Phillip Swann