TV Answer Man, is the Game Show Network going to be off Dish for a long time? I miss the channel so much because it has all my favorites!! — Carli, Reno, Nevada.

Carli, Dish and its streaming service, Sling TV, last night resumed carrying the Game Show Network after reaching a new carriage agreement with the channel’s owner, Sony Pictures Television. The agreement ends a three-week blackout of the Game Show Network on the two services.

“We’re pleased to have reached a multi-year agreement that benefits all parties, especially our customers,” Brian Neylon, executive vice president and group president of Dish, said in a statement.  “I want to thank our customers for their patience and understanding as we worked through the negotiations.”

“We are happy to have entered into a long-term agreement with DISH and that DISH customers can resume watching their favorite shows on Game Show Network for years to come,” said Tim Carry, the Game Show Network’s executive vice president for distribution.

Terms of the new deal were not announced.

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The blackout began on September 6 when the two sides failed to reach a new agreement after eight months of negotiations, according to the Game Show Network.

The channel’s lineup, which is particularly popular with older viewers, includes such shows as Deal or No Deal. The Match Game, The $100,000 Pyramid, America Says and Family Feud.

Dish noted in its press release when the blackout began that some Game Show Network programs can be seen on the free streaming app, Pluto TV, while new episodes of the Family Feud now air on ABC. However, Dish and Sling TV customers can now watch the channel the traditional way.

Carli, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann