TV Answer Man, I read your article about Peacock not doing Notre Dame and NFL games in 4K during the 2022 season. But will Peacock do any live sports in 4K this year? I see they have the movies now but what about sports? They have lots of sports. — Eric, Houston. 

Eric, Peacock recently added a small number of movies in 4K, marking the steamer’s first entry into 4K programming since its launch in July 2020. (TV Answer Man was first to report this.)

We also reported earlier this week that Peacock has no current plans to offer Notre Dame college football home games or NFL games in 4K. But what about other live sports? Peacock has one of the most extensive sports lineups in the industry, whether it’s streaming or the traditional cable/satellite version. Golf, tennis, soccer, horse racing, swimming, auto racing, track and field, Olympics…It’s all on Peacock.

Well, we just reached out to a highly placed source in the Peacock community who told us that the streamer does not plan to do any live sports in 4K until 2023 at the earliest. This might disappoint 4K enthusiasts, but they are probably used to being disappointed by now. The TV industry has yet to fully embrace 4K programming, leaving relatively few events to get the 4K treatment.

But 2023 and Peacock could be a different story. World Soccer Talk reported last week that Peacock will stream English Premier League soccer games in 4K in 2023. That’s a good sign that the streamer is looking to make 4K sports an important part of its lineup next year.

Eric, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann