Peacock has added several movies in 4K, marking the streamer’s first 4K titles more than two years after its launch on July 15, 2020.

The 4K titles include:

* The Black Phone, the new horror film (streaming exclusively on Peacock) starring Ethan Hawke;
* Uncut Gems, the 2019 Adam Sandler crime drama that first streamed on Netflix;
* They/Them, the 2022 horror film set in a gay conversion camp (Kevin Bacon stars);
* Fast and Furious, the auto adventure series starring a cast of thousands including Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez. (Not all films in the series are in 4K on Peacock, but some are.)
* You Should Have Left, the 2020 horror film starring the aforementioned Mr. Bacon and Amanda Seyfried.

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There could be more 4K titles in the Peacock catalog but there is currently no way to search specifically for titles in the format. The TV Answer Man found the above five titles by random search.

We have asked Peacock for a list of all 4K titles and whether live sports will be available in 4K in the future. We will report back here if we get more information.

When Peacock launched in July 2020, a company spokesperson said 4K titles were “on the roadmap.” Now two years later, the streamer has finally found its destination, at least when it comes to 4K.

Peacock’s plans include an ads-included offering for $4.99 a month and an ads-free version for $9.99 a month. (Comcast, Charter and Cox video subscribers get the $4.99 a month plan for free as part of their service.) Peacock also has a free plan, but it’s unclear if any 4K titles are included in that plan.

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— Phillip Swann