DIRECTV Stream, the multi-channel, live streaming service, is adding three new features designed to make it easier for sports fans to find and watch their favorite teams.

The new enhancements, which are being rolled out to streaming devices this month, includes Team Recordings which will enable subscribers to select a favorite team (NBA, NHL or MLB( and record its entire season with a single touch; Auto Extension which will ensure that an entire game is recorded even when it runs long; and Gane Tile/Live Scores which will allow you to view updated team vs. team game tiles to find a specific game (and its live score if it has begun.)

DIRECTV Stream, which carries more regional sports networks than any other live streamer, hopes that the new features will help create the perception that it’s the sports leader in the streaming category.

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“We’re extending our leadership in sports by going beyond the programming to focus on customizing the experience for DIRECTV STREAM customers,” the service said in a statement.

DIRECTV Stream’s base price is $69.99 a month, but it’s offering a discount of $10 off the first three months of service for all packages until April 30.

The regional sports channels are only available in Stream’s Choice plan and above. Choice is $89.99 a month but is now available for $79.99 a month for the first three months via the promotional offer.

To learn more about DIRECTV Stream and its sports lineup, see our article, Does DIRECTV Stream Have More Sports Than YouTube TV and Hulu?

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— Phillip Swann