FuboTV starts at $64.99 a month, but if you want to sign up, you will need to buy a three-month prepaid package totaling $194.96.

The live streaming service this morning tells The TV Answer Man that it’s only making its packages available to new subscribers as quarterly plans.

“We have temporarily made our channel packages available to new subscribers as quarterly plans,” said FuboTV spokesperson Jennifer Press via e-mail. “We’re always experimenting with our channel package offerings to better understand what our subscribers like.”

Press said the quarterly plan change does not affect existing subscribers.

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It’s unclear if the quarterly offering will be permanent. Plus, as of this morning, the quarterly plans are not available on FuboTV’s site on all platforms. For example, the mobile version of Fubo.TV says the plans are quarterly, but the desktop edition still says monthly.

When we asked FuboTV’s Twitter customer service team this morning whether the plans are only available quarterly, it responded:

“We recently updated our plans and are currently only offering quarterly subscriptions. The monthly plans may still be available to some users when signing up. You’re welcome to subscribe to these in that case. We’re sorry for the confusion.”

Press also confirmed that the monthly plans will not be available to new customers. “However, note that the offering of only quarterly plans to new customers is a temporary test,” she added.

Fubo.TV’s new web site offering:

The requirement to buy three months in advance rather than one month would seem targeted to reduce Fubo’s churn rate which has been high for all live streaming services. By requiring new subscribers to buy three months up front, it would be less likely they would cancel until the quarter is up; they would not get their money back if they did cancel early.

The downside is that fewer subscribers might sign up if they have to purchase three months in advance.

FuboTV has previously experimented with quarterly plans with small groups, but the ongoing churn rate issue could have triggered a wider implementation.

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— Phillip Swann