TV Answer Man, I thought the fight between Dish and the Tegna stations was over. When they started fighting, we lost KREM and its sister station, KSKN, the CW. Fast forward to today and the CW is back but no CBS KREM. Does anyone know why it did not come back to Dish even though they have an agreement? — Dawn, town withheld.

Dawn, Dish’s four-month long carriage dispute with 64 Tegna-owned local stations ended last Friday night when the two companies signed a new multi-year deal. The stations that were blacked out included the Tegna-owned CBS affiliate in Spokane, KREM-TV, as well as the market’s CW affiliate, KSKN-TV.

After the deal was signed on Friday, all 64 Tegna stations (including the CW station in Spokane) were returned to Dish’s lineup.

Except one. KREM-TV.

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We asked Dish and here was the satcaster’s response:

“While we cannot disclose the terms of the agreement, Spokane has two CBS affiliates. Customers in this area have always had access to all the national CBS programming and local programming through KLEW. All other previously impacted Tegna stations were restored on February 4.”

What Dish is saying is that the signals for both KREM-TV, the CBS affiliate in Spokane, and KLEW-TV, a CBS affiliate based in nearby Lewiston, Idaho, were previously available in the satcaster’s lineup. But with the new Tegna deal, Dish is now only carrying KLEW-TV, a Sinclair-owned CBS station, in the market. Dish subscribers in the Spokane area no longer have the option to watch two CBS affiliates.

By eliminating one of the two CBS affiliates, Dish can save money in carriage fees.

I can understand that loyal viewers of KREM’s local news may be upset. But they can still find CBS’s national programming, and news about southeastern Washington and north central Idaho, on KLEW-TV.

Dawn, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann