Comcast and Nexstar have agreed to a new carriage deal that will allow the cable operator to continue carrying 90 Nexstar-owned local network affiliates and the cable news network, NewsNation. In addition, the New York-based CW affiliate, WPIX, a Nexstar-operated station which had been blacked out on Comcast since December 3, has returned to its lineup.

Nexstar stations last Saturday posted viewer alerts at their web sites that Comcast could lose their signals if the two companies did not reach a new carriage agreement. The alert did not say when the old agreement was scheduled to expire, but Comcast and Nexstar last signed a carriage pact around December 31, 2019 and these agreements usually end on the same calendar day or close to the same day.

Now with the new agreement, the threat of the blackout is over. The Nexstar viewer alerts have been removed.

During the week, Comcast filed a ‘bad faith’ complaint with the FCC against Nexstar in regards to the WPIX dispute and the new fight over local stations. However, it’s likely it will be dropped with this new agreement.

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— Phillip Swann