The NBA’s new app is being dunked on by hundreds of social media users who say it’s been nearly impossible to watch games on the NBA League Pass package since the 2022-23 season started last week.

The league launched a new app this season which is designed to reduce delays in League Pass game streams as well as provide a more personalized experience for users. But many League Pass subscribers say they have trouble accessing the app to watch a game. And when they are able to log in, the app is glitchy with frequent buffering and picture freezing. It appears the technical snafus are affecting all devices, although it’s unclear if they are affecting all users.

The complaints started on the League Pass’ first night of the season (October 19) and haven’t stopped since. The NBA League Pass’ Twitter support team, @NBALPSupport, is forced to issue apology after apology every night.

“I’m a lifelong defender of NBA League Pass, but the new update this season has been a disaster. Phone stream seems solid but every other device is completely unwatchable. An absolute mess @NBALPSupport,” tweeted @kevin_tucker on October 19.

“Words cannot express how bad the NBA app is,” tweeted @BiasedHouston early this morning.

“Whoever “updated” the NBA league pass app on ps5 should be fired immediately,” wrote ‘Tommy Zammit’ last week.

“Hey @NBALPSupport , how exactly do you want me to watch basketball with my league pass? I own a LG TV: not supported. Started the app on my PlayStation4: not supported. Bought an FireTV Stick: can’t download the app. Stream via Airplay from my phone, crashes every 10 minutes,” tweeted Lennart Remy.

The NBA’s Twitter support team usually responds with an apology and a request that the complainer send a direct message so the issue can be handled privately.

“We are sorry to hear about your issue. We have received your DM and will respond to you shortly. We appreciate your patience while we look into this for you. Thanks,” the NBA’s team told one upset customer.

The support team has not offered an explanation for the issues nor a timetable for when they will be fixed.

That is not appeasing fans who sometimes note that they have to pay a minimum of $99 to watch an entire season of the League Pass.

The TV Answer Man has asked the NBA communications department for a comment and will report back here if we receive one.

Live streaming’s technical problems have been a recurring issue for sports and other high-profile events, most recently for the NFL Sunday Ticket and the NFL Plus app.

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— Phillip Swann