With four weeks left in the 2021 season, DIRECTV has lowered the price of the streaming NFL Sunday Ticket to $58 for the basic plan and $102.96 for the Max package.

The streaming edition is available to some non-DIRECTV subscribers in 29 markets, including people who can get DIRECTV service at their residence. (You can see the 29 markets here.) See this article for more details; you can check your eligibility for the streaming Sunday Ticket here.

The online basic Sunday Ticket, which cost $293.96 at the start of the season, includes all out-of-market Sunday afternoon games, a GameMix channel where you can watch four games on one screen, real-time stats and other benefits.

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The Max plan, which was $399.99 at the start of the 2020 season, includes the out-of-market games, the above features in the basic plan, and the Red Zone Channel and Fantasy Zone Channel.

The online Sunday Ticket also comes with a one-week free trial.

It’s unclear how many non-DIRECTV subscribers are eligible for the streaming edition. DIRECTV will not reveal which zip codes are included.

But based on some random checks, and reader responses, it would appear that consumers who live within a city limits, or a nearby suburb of that city, are more likely to be ruled eligible. Some TV Answer Man readers who live 20 or 30 miles (or more) from a major city say they were deemed not eligible when they inputted their address at DIRECTV’s web site.

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“The pattern of the eligibility is based on a lot of things, including building density (other buildings in the area), did an installer attempt an install and couldn’t, are they in a MDU vs a single family home (MDU addresses are eligible, but not SFH unless they cannot be installed),” a DIRECTV spokesman told me earlier this year.

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— Phillip Swann