TV Answer Man, I read your article about AT&T TV not charging a regional sports fee. But I’m thinking of getting FuboTV. Does it charge a regional sports fee on top of its $64.99 a month fee? I can’t tell from the web site and I have seen different things online about whether they do. — Eddie, Boise, Idaho. 

Eddie, I can understand your confusion because FuboTV does — and does not — charge a regional sports channel fee. Let me explain.

First, as you note, FuboTV’s monthly base rate is $64.99 a month. The cost includes roughly 115 channels, 250 hours of DVR storage in the cloud, and the capacity to stream on three different screens at the same time.

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Fubo does not charge a regional sports fee on top of that base rate — unless you live in one of the five following areas:

Buffalo/Rochester, NY
New England

In those markets, your regional sports fee could be as high as $6 a month. And the reason you are charged a regional sports fee in those markets is because Fubo TV includes a regional sports channel in your package. For instance, in the Chicago market, Fubo carries the Marquee Sports Network, the TV home of the Chicago Cubs.

In all markets besides those five listed above, FuboTV does not charge a regional sports fee. For instance, in your market of Boise, there is no charge.

Fubo offers a few other regional sports channels, such as NBC Sports California, but the fee is only charged in those five markets. You can see a list of Fubo’s regional sports channels here.

Hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann