TV Answer Man, I was thinking of subscribing to FuboTV to watch the Super Bowl in 4K and I see that you can only subscribe for every three months. What’s the deal with that? You can’t subscribe by the month like everyone else on the planet? How can they stay in business? — Mark, Del Rio, Texas. 

Mark, FuboTV today “temporarily” eliminated the monthly subscription plan for new subscribers. As of now, if you want to subscribe to Fubo, you will have to pay at least $224.07 up front for three months of service. The upfront price would be $284.97 if you subscribed to the most expensive plan, called Premier.

But before you write off FuboTV as a viable business, let me reiterate that the live streamer said the switch is “temporary.”

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“We have temporarily made our channel packages available to new subscribers as quarterly plans. We’re always experimenting with our channel package offerings to better understand what our subscribers like,” a FuboTV spokesperson told the TV Answer Man.

It’s also important to note that FuboTV did the same thing last year before the Super Bowl only to resume the monthly plans about 10 days later. It would appear FuboTV has some concerns about people signing up for one month and then canceling soon after the Super Bowl, although it still permits a 7-day free trial. (Fubo also sends reminder e-mails before the 7-day free trial ends.)

Consequently, I doubt that FuboTV will require the quarterly-only subscription plans for more than a few weeks after the Super Bowl; it would likely lose a significant number of new customers if it did.

Mark, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann