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Smart TV: How to Fix Your WiFi Connection

Q. I love watching Netflix and Hulu on my new Smart TV, but I’ve noticed that I sometimes lose my WiFi connection. I didn’t notice this when I used to watch Netflix on my Roku player. Is there a reason why my Smart TV would lose the WiFi connection? Can this be fixed? — Brenda,

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Can You Listen to SiriusXM On Your TV?

Q. I have a subscription to SiriusXM radio in my car, but I was wondering if there’s any way to listen to it on my television? Can you help? — Tom, Cleveland. Tom, as you know, SiriusXM radio is a subscription radio service that offers scores of channels featuring music, sports, weather and news, among

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Can You Use a Smart TV Without Cable TV?

Q.  I’m thinking of getting a Smart TV to watch Netflix and other streaming services, but I don’t subscribe to cable or satellite. Can I use a Smart TV without cable or satellite? — Eddie, Brooklyn, New York. Eddie, first, for those who are not familiar with Smart TVs, it’s the term used for a

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