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Hey, YouTube TV! It’s June 1 – Where’s the Tennis Channel?!

By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, hey, it’s June 1 and the Tennis Channel isn’t on YouTube TV yet! What’s going on here? I want to watch the French Open and it was supposed to be on the Tennis Channel which is supposed to be on now, right? Can you help? — Melinda, Manhattan Beach, California.

Melinda, you are not alone in your frustration. YouTube TV and Sinclair, the owner of the Tennis Channel, said in April that they had signed an agreement that would allow the live streaming service to add the channel on June 1. Well, it’s June 1 and scores of YouTube TV subscribers are complaining on social media that they can’t find the channel in their lineups.

The tennis fans are particularly upset because the 2023 French Open tennis tournament, which is also known as the Roland-Garros, is now on the Tennis Channel. And it’s been on since the tournament’s opening day last Sunday. This was supposed to be the day that YouTube TV subs could begin watching.

Well, here’s the deal: The channel is still coming, but it may not show up as an option until later today or possibly even until tomorrow, the YouTube TV support team tells me. Also, and this is very important, you will need to order the $10.99 a month Sports Plus add-on package to get the Tennis Channel. This was not specified in the April press release announcing the Tennis Channel carriage, which could make some subscribers upset. But it is what it is.

Finally, you might want to refresh your YouTube TV app today to see if the Tennis Channel shows up in the Sports Plus add-on package; sometimes, it takes a while for a new channel to load.

Update at 1:45 p.m. ET: The Tennis Channel is now live on YouTube TV with the Sports Plus add-on package.

Melinda, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann

18 thoughts on “Hey, YouTube TV! It’s June 1 – Where’s the Tennis Channel?!

  1. Effective 06.01.2023 @ 12:00 p.m. ET: None of the programmers—including Tennis Channel—which were scheduled to become added today by YouTube TV are present.

    I wonder if there is a particular timing? Perhaps, no later than 06:00 p.m. ET?

    I used to subscribe to the satellite DirecTV. The timing used to be on the scheduled date at 06:00 a.m. ET.

  2. Effective 06.01.2023 @ 12:50 p.m. ET: My “Live Guide,” from the Internet, and from where I can add and customize channels (according to my subscription), shows the following:

    • T2
    • CHARGE!
    • Magnolia Network
    • TBD TV

    I would have to “Unhide” them to add them.

  3. T2 is showing up … i didnt check the others but TENNIS CHANNEL is not. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THEY DIDNT POST THAT WE WOULD HAVE TO PAY MORE $$$$$ on top of the HUGE INCREASE in Monthly SUB

    REALLY bad PR

  4. Tennis Channel is NOT listed in the Sports Plus package 114 pm EDT 6-1-23

    Sports Plus
    Requires Base Plan. Includes NFL RedZone, beIN SPORTS, FOX Soccer Plus, VSiN, Outside TV+, PokerGO+, MAVTV, FanDuel TV, Stadium, Billiard TV, SportsGrid, PlayersTV, Fight Network, IMPACT Wrestling.


  5. That is a bunch of crap. Network agreements couldn’t do more to kill tennis coverage in America if they tried. Now on TCPlus you can only watch live matches. Peacock doesn’t have any coverage until the 4th. I was already a YouTubeTV subscriber and to make us pay another $11 is ridiculous.

    1. agree with Melinda ….. T2 is included …

      and while ranting about this, TC Plus cannot be cast to Chromecast from an iPhone …. also hogwash …

      Fubo has Tennis Channel (7 day trial) …

  6. Effective 06.01.2023 @ 02:50 p.m. ET: Updated YouTube TV advertisement for the service now has all programming additions. (Their logos.) Tennis Channel is not among the Base Package. It is among the add-ons for Sports Plus.

  7. Let’s see here. Just raised prices, said they were adding the Tennis Channel (wrongly thinking that was part of the price increase), and now wanting an additional $11/mo. The TC does not fit with the other offerings in this package (boxing, wrestling, Poker…). Guess I will have to continue to be without or find another streaming service.
    Hugely disappointed tennis fan!

    1. Yytv has become another cable company money extortion conglomerate…the only reason I have it, my son added me to his plan, other wise , I was fine with free Pluto TV, and recaps on You tube…

  8. No thanks, YTTV. When they dropped Tennis Channel back in 2020, I subscribed to Tennis TV and it has been fantastic. I love switching through whatever match I want to watch. I’ll stick with TT, then having to watch whatever one match tennis channel decides to show me.

  9. TT doesnt show the majors ..they split between TC and TT. and TC has an alternate channel now T2 for other courts. Once YTTV is added as provider on TC then you can watch all the other matches.

  10. They are on the same track as cable with the ridiculously prices we cut the cord for a reason
    Stop hiking the freakin prices.

  11. I was on phone with customer service today regarding TTC. I was shocked when I was told it is on the sports package. Very upset that this wasn’t reported before. There is nothing of interest to me on that package but TTC. Rate hikes and a tax recalculation last month and they can’t be honest with subscribers. Just like cable tv now.

  12. T2 is not the TENNIS CHANNEL that was promised to start today in addition to 2 other “lame” channels that no one will watch. So, now reading that we will have to PAY extra for the TTC! After the price hike and so many horrible base pkg channels. I’m going to end this YTT nightmare and strangle hold of my purse strings. There are other alternatives now that make better sense. Soooo feel duped!

  13. Where is the Tennis Channel app on Chromecast with GoogleTV, YoutubeTv and the tennis channel are there, when is the app going to show up?

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