The AFC Championship game last night turned out to be an exciting contest with the Kansas City Chiefs emerging victorious over the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20, after a last-second field goal by KC’s Harrison Butker. However, many owners of 4K TVs took to Twitter throughout the game to criticize CBS for failing to broadcast it in the format.

CBS has never done a single football game in 4K, pro or college. But the network’s decision to do the Chiefs-Bengals game in 1080i HD seemed to annoy 4K fans even more than normal because Fox earlier in the day streamed the NFC Championship game between the Eagles and 49ers in 4K.

“This @cbs  game looks like dog s— after watching @FOXSports  4K HDR feed,” tweeted @leapyear2_29.

“Huge difference in the 4K/HDR Fox broadcast and this regular HD CBS one. Night and day,” added ‘Dan Goldberg.’

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“Really wish CBS had a 4K broadcast like Fox just did. Unconverted, scrambled, HDR, non-HDR, whatever it was, the Fox effort (particularly in the app vs Streaming Services) makes CBS feel like it’s missing something. I do think sound mix is better on the AFC game though,” wrote Langston Wertz Jr., a sports columnist for The Charlotte Observer.

“The picture quality is by far the worst compared to Fox and NBC. Get with the times and offer 4K!” tweeted ‘John Canavera.’

CBS’ apparent reluctance to embrace 4K is shared by many of its rivals. While Fox offers a wide variety of live sports in 4K, albeit upscaled 4K, most networks offer nothing in the format. They do not believe that the extra cost incurred in producing a live event in 4K is worth the investment.

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The consensus is that the 4K audience is small and will not generate additional advertising revenue. By example, ESPN, the industry’s leading sports network, has never done a single NFL game in 4K although it does do some college football and basketball games in the format.

But that didn’t stop 4K owners yesterday from unleashing their frustration at CBS.

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— Phillip Swann