TV Answer Man, is there anything new in the DIRECTV and Mission blackout? We have been without our Fox station here for months!! Can we get a rebate for the blackout? — Shawn, Albany, New York. 

Shawn, DIRECTV last October 21 lost 25 local TV stations due to a carriage dispute with their owner, Mission Broadcasting. That means the blackout, which also affects U-verse and DIRECTV Stream, has now lasted three months.

Both companies have maintained their initial positions in the battle. DIRECTV says Mission is asking for excessive fees to carry their stations while the latter says the satcaster is refusing to pay the fair market rate. In other words, nothing new there.

DIRECTV last November began offering a one-time $10 credit to Mission subscribers and the satcaster’s Twitter help team yesterday said the credit is still available if you have never received it.

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If you are a DIRECTV Stream subscriber in a Mission market, you can apply for your one-time credit here. If you are a DIRECTV or U-verse subscriber in a Mission market, you can apply for your one-time credit here.

The Mission stations, which are managed by Nexstar, are in 25 markets including New York. Providence, Rhode Island, Little Rock, Albuquerque, Abilene, Texas, Albany, New York and Erie, Pennsylvania, among others. You can see a complete list here.

Note: The $10 credit is also available to subscribers in three White Knight markets that have also been blacked out on the three services since October.

Shawn, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann