TV Answer Man, I read that FuboTV has a new deal with Turner so they can carry TBS and TNT again. But they are not in my lineup. What’s the deal? Was the article wrong or something? I am very upset by this. I want the sports that’s on TNT and I like TBS, too. My daughter loves the Cartoon Network. Can you please help? — Brett, Dallas. 

Brett, FuboTV does not carry TNT, CNN, truTV, the Cartoon Network or TBS, all owned by Turner Networks, and it hasn’t carried them since June 2020 after the two sides failed to reach a new carriage pact. While FuboTV executives have said they are receptive to bringing them back, there is no carriage deal in place as of now.

The article you may have read suggesting a deal was in place came from the web site, The Desk, which reported two weeks ago that the new agreement would be announced as early as January 16. However, here we are a week after that and there’s been no announcement.

In fact, FuboTV has said publicly that The Desk report had been ‘debunked.”

“The reports you’re mentioning have been debunked by our PR team on multiple occasions. While we’re always open to adding the Turner Networks back to our line-up, we currently don’t have any plans to do so,” FuboTV’s Twitter customer help team told one subscriber three days ago.

The same Twitter account wrote this today: “While we are always open to adding TNT to our lineup in the future, we currently have no plans to do so.”

It would appear that The Desk jumped the gun here.

But that said, I would not be surprised if FuboTV, which is targeting the sports audience, reaches an agreement with Turner in the coming weeks. TBS, TNT and truTV will be the home of March Madness college basketball in roughly seven weeks and TBS and TNT now have the rights to NHL and NBA games respectively. It’s difficult for Fubo to call itself a sports-focused service without those channels.

The TV Answer Man will monitor this situation and report back here if there is credible information on a FuboTV-Turner deal. Until then, happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann