TV Answer Man, I read that DIRECTV Stream has a lot of regional sports channels but I can’t tell from their web site which ones are available in my area. I don’t want to subscribe and then find out they don’t have my team on. Is there any way to tell ahead of time which channels will be on? — Dale, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Dale, DIRECTV Stream does carry more regional sports networks than any other live streaming service, although you must subscribe to its Choice (or above) plan to watch them. They are not available in Stream’s base plan, called Entertainment, which has a regular rate of $69.99 a month.

The Choice regular rate is $89.99 a month but DIRECTV Stream is now running a special promotion where you can get $20 off in each of the first two months, bringing the price of the first two months to $69.99 a month.

DIRECTV Stream, which can viewed over an AT&T set-top, or a separate app found on devices such as Roku, has nearly every regional sports channel you can think of. Here’s a list:

Altitude (Nuggets, Avalanche), MASN (Orioles and Nationals), AT&T Sportsnet Pittsburgh (Pirates, Penguins) Root Sports Northwest (Mariners), AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain (Rockies), SportsNet LA (Dodgers), AT&T SportsNet Southwest (Astros), NESN (Red Sox), Yes Network (Yankees), NBC Sports regionals, Marquee Sports Network (Cubs) and the 21 Bally Sports regionals.

While DIRECTV Stream carries more RSNs, that’s only helpful if your favorite regional sports network, and team or teams, is available in your area. (Live games of most professional sports on the RSNs are only available in market.)

So how can you be sure that DIRECTV Stream will have your team in your lineup?

Go to this DIRECTV Stream page where you can search for the exact lineup in your zip code, including which local channels, and regional sports nets. (Click on Regional Sports & Local before searching).

For instance, if you input a zip code for Baton Rouge, Louisiana (70801). you’ll see that you’ll get the four major network affiliates in the Baton Rouge area, Telemundo, and AT&T Sports Southwest (Houston Astros games), Bally Sports Oklahoma (college sports) and Bally Sports Southwest (games for Texas Rangers, New Orleans Pelicans and Dallas Stars).

See a video demonstration below:

That’s three different regional sports channels — and you don’t have to pay a regional sports fee.

Regardless of where you live, this is a great tool to see what you’ll get before paying up.

Dale, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann