DIRECTV has quietly raised its prices for new customers by $5-$15 a month.

The satellite TV service announced last month that prices would rise for existing customers by $1-$10 a month in January. That price hike, which went into effect yesterday, received extensive media coverage. However, with yesterday’s increase for existing subs, the satcaster also raised the first year and second year prices for new customers. (DIRECTV requires new customers to enter into a two-year contract in return for incentives such as free NFL Sunday Ticket. and lower first-year prices.)

DIRECTV’s first-year price for its Entertainment base plan has increased from $69.99 a month to $74.99 a month. The Choice package is now $79.99 a month, up from $69.99 a month. The Ultimate plan is now $99.99 a month, a $15 increase, while the Premier plan is $149.99 a month, up from $134.99 a month.

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Second-year prices for new customers have also increased. The Entertainment is now $107 a month in year two, up from $102 a month. The Choice package is now $129 a month, up from $122 a month in year two. The Ultimate package is now $159 a month in year two, compared to $151 a month before while the Premier package is now $214 a month in year two.

DIRECTV last raised prices for existing subscribers in January 2021. But at that time, it did not increase first-year prices for new customers although it did raise the price for year two.

The satellite service has lost roughly six million subscribers since AT&T purchased it in 20015. (The telco sold a 30 percent stake in DIRECTV, U-verse and DIRECTV Stream to private equity firm, TPG, a year ago.) This latest round of price increases could add to the defections.

DIRECTV yesterday also officially raised the price of DIRECTV Stream, as it announced it would do last month.

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— Phillip Swann