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The NFL App: Where Is the RedZone Channel?

TV Answer Man, I got the RedZone Channel last year on my smart phone using the NFL app, but I don’t see it on the app now. I see the GamePass plan for this season, but not RedZone. What’s up with that? Will th RedZone Channel be available on the app? — Jerry, Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

Jerry, the NFL RedZone Channel, which offers live look-ins at pivotal moments during regular season games, has been available on the NFL mobile app for a few years. This has allowed fans to watch the channel without subscribing to a pay TV service.

But you’re right. Although the season is just a few weeks away, there is currently no mention of the RedZone channel on the NFL app. There is a promo for the GamePass package, which offers live preseason games, full game replays, live game audio and other features for $99.99 for one year. But no RedZone.

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I asked the NFL today if the league was planning to continue offering the RedZone Channel at the NFL app.

“The NFL Mobile app will offer NFL RedZone again this upcoming season,” said NFL spokesman Andrew Howard. “Once it becomes available, I will let you know. But to confirm, it will be offered again this season.”

So there you go. We don’t know when ordering will be available, or the price. But the TV Answer Man will report back here when we get more details.

By the way, the RedZone Channel last year was $34.99 for the entire 2020 season. And it was only available on the NFL app on Android and iOS smart phones. We’ll see if the league continues that restriction.

Jerry, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann

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  1. so no one has answered the question on how to actually watch the redzone once youve purchased it. i purchased the mobile through nfl network but during game day there is no icon to watch it. i get on my phone and log into nfl network but no redzone.

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