TV Answer Man, I have a Roku box and I sometimes have trouble connecting to our WiFi Network. It will sometimes try to connect to the wrong network (a neighbor’s) or it won’t connect to any network including ours. Any tips on how to fix this? Do we need to get a new Roku or a Fire TV? — Jennifer, Reston, Virginia. 

Jennifer, before you blame your Roku, new and old devices of all models often encounter issues connecting to home WiFi networks. This includes Smart TVs, mobile phones and tablets, and computers. The problem is usually easily fixable. In fact, Roku’s web site offers some ways to diagnose the issue and, hopefully, fix it. (Note: These tips apply to Roku set-tops as well as Roku TVs.)

1. Make sure you are selecting the right wireless network name.
As you know, your home is likely surrounded by WiFi networks installed in your neighbors’ homes. Your Roku device might be trying to connect to one of those for a variety of reasons, including a stronger signal. When trying to connect to your WiFi network, go to your Settings and manually choose your WiFi name and then click Connect. If you don’t see your WiFi name listed, re-set your Roku device and your router. And by re-set, I mean take all the plugs out of the boxes and the wall outlet. Then, after 30 seconds or so, plug everything back in. Sometimes your devices will experience a technical glitch that a re-set will fix immediately.

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2. Re-enter the WiFi credentials.
Again, it’s possible that there’s a glitch in your system causing the WiFi issue. Deleting and re-entering the WiFi’s name and password can sometimes re-set the connection process.

3. Make sure your router is working properly.
Check the WiFi connection on a different device, such as your computer or mobile phone. If it’s working, the problem lies with the Roku connection. If not, it’s a router issue and you’ll need to re-set it. If that doesn’t fix it, call your Internet provider.

4. Improve the wireless signal strength.
How far away is your Roku TV from your router? Is there a wall or piece of furniture blocking the signal’s path between the two?
Moving the router closer to your TV can dramatically improve the signal strength.

5. Reset everything.
I’m repeating part of answer number one, but I can’t underemphasize how often a simple re-set can fix a sudden technical issue, such as a poor connection.

If none of the five tips work for you, the problem could indeed be your Roku. With streaming devices available these days for less than $30, it might be time to invest in a new one.

Jennifer, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann