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In case you missed any of the today’s top stories (December 4, 2023) at TV Answer Man, here’s a summary with links. (If our newsletter’s subscribers have trouble with the links, just go to to see all of today’s updates and more.)

Verizon to Offer Netflix/Max Bundle For 42 Percent Off
Verizon this Thursday (December 7) will begin offering a bundle of the ads-included Netflix with the ads-included Max for just $10 a month, which is roughly 42 percent off the regular price if purchased separately.

DIRECTV vs. Tegna: Football Fans Are Freaking Out!
The DIRECTV-Tegna carriage dispute just finished its first weekend and college football and NFL fans on Saturday and Sunday expressed everything from dissatisfaction to pure rage on social media sites such as X.

HBO Max Subs to Lose 4K Programming Tomorrow
Max has alerted the legacy HBO Max subscribers in an e-mail that, effective tomorrow, December 5, their $15.99 a month plans will no longer include 4K. Here’s how you can keep it.

How to Help Your Television Live a Long Life
Televisions don’t seem to last as long as they used to but there are four things you can do to keep them operating for years and years.

How to Save Money On Netflix
Netflix doesn’t offer free trials, but we have some tips on how you can on your subscription.

OLED TV: What Are the Best Picture Settings?
The OLED TV arguably offers the best picture on the market — if you have the right settings.

What Is Netflix’s Spatial Audio?
It may not be Dolby Atmos, but the streamer offers Spatial Audio for anyone regardless of the sound system. But how does it work – and sound?

Netflix Is Adding 86 New Titles In December – Here’s the 3 Best
We look at the upcoming titles coming to the world’s biggest streamer – and one is already available.

Should You Mount Your TV Above a Fireplace?
Let the debate begin. Many people do it, but it says here you shouldn’t. Find out why.

How to Fix a Picture That’s Too Dark
We probably get more technical questions regarding a TV picture being too dark than any other TV hardware issue. So we’ve compiled 10 things you can do to improve a ‘too-dark’ image on your TV.

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