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TV Answer Man, now that Peacock is doing the World Cup games in 4K, will they do Premier League games in 4K, too. I think a Peacock executive said last year that they would do Premiere League in 4K this year. — Jose, Fairfax, Virginia.
Jose, the 2023-2024 English Premiere League soccer season starts tomorrow with all 20 teams playing their first game between Friday and Monday. This season’s games will be available at various times on NBC, USA Network and Peacock, the NBC-owned streaming service. You can watch select games in 4K on DIRECTV Stream, Fubo and YouTube TV, among other providers, but what about Peacock, you ask?  The streamer is now offering the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup games in 4K, the first time it has streamed live sports in the format.

World Soccer Talk reported last year that Peacock senior vice president John Jelley said that Peacock would do Premier League games in 2023.

“We have got plans for Dolby Atmos in the works alongside 4K next year. We’re also planning 5.1 audio next year as well,” he said, according to the site. ““I think those will make a real improvement to the premium experience of the game for those who have the capabilities to watch it in 4K, Dolby Atmos or 5.1 audio.”

So now that the new season has started, and Peacock is actually doing live sports in 4K, was Jelley correct? Will the Premier League games be available in 4K? We asked a NBC spokesman today and here was the response: “Premier League games will not be available in 4K on Peacock.”

The Premier League 2023-24 season runs until May so maybe that will change. But for now, no Premier League soccer in 4K on Peacock.

Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann