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Does Peacock Have 4K Programming?

Q. I read your story today about Peacock starting and it sounds very cool. But I’m a big 4K guy, which is why I read you a lot. So does Peacock have 4K shows and movies? If not, I might wait. — Gary, Tacoma, Washington.  Gary, you’re right. Peacock, the new streaming service from NBC

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Peacock: Where Can You Watch It?

Q. I was hearing about Peacock on the news yesterday. When does it start and where can I watch it? And how much is it? — Bonnie, Reno, Nevada.  Bonnie, Peacock launched today. The new streaming service from NBC Universal, which is owned by Comcast, features more than 15,000 hours of current and classic TV

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Will Peacock Be On Roku & Fire TV?

Q. I’m interested in the new Peacock streaming service that’s coming up. But do you know if it will be available on Roku or Fire TV? I have both on different TVs and I wouldn’t get it unless it was on one of them. — Frankie, Cumberland, Maryland. Frankie, let me first offer some background

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When Will Peacock Launch? Will It Be Free?

Q. A friend of mine has Comcast and he says that the new Peacock streaming service is very cool. Do you know when it will be available to everyone? And will it be free? He says it’s free on Comcast. — Yardley, Baltimore.  Yardley, I have good news for you. But let me first offer

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