By Phillip Swann
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TV Answer Man, Comcast is getting rid of Peacock for free on Monday. Do you know why and is there any way to keep getting it for free? — Marianne, Miami, Florida.

Marianne, Comcast today (June 26) is ending a free subscription to Peacock’s $4.99 monthly Premium plan as part of its Xfinity video and Internet packages. The streaming service had been free on Xfinity since it launched in July 2020.

Update: Having Trouble Getting Peacock Through Xfinity? You’re Not Alone

What are your options to keep watching Peacock without paying the full price? And why is Comcast doing this now? You have questions, we have answers!

Is there any way to keep watching Peacock for free from Comcast?
Yes. There are three ways:

If you’re a subscriber to Comcast’s 1 GIG Internet service, a free Peacock subscription will be included with your plan for two years from yesterday, June 25, 2023. You may need to re-input your e-mail address and user name at to activate the continued Peacock subscription, but it will be free.

If you are an Xfinity Internet customer who’s a Diamond (14 years as a subscriber) or Platinum (7 to 14 years as a subscriber) Xfinity Rewards member, you can also get Peacock Premium for free. Sign in to beginning today to take advantage of this offer.

And if you’re an Xfinity Now TV subscriber, you can receive Peacock Premium as part of your service. Now TV is a new streaming service that offers 40 live basic cable channels, including AMC and A&E, and 20 ad-supported channels as well as Peacock.

If you can’t get Peacock for free from Comcast, can you get a discount?
Yes. You can sign up for Peacock Premium between today (June 26) and August 25, 2023 at a discounted rate of $2.99 a month for 12 months. (The regular rate, which is now $4.99 a month, will apply after the 12 months unless you cancel.) Say ‘Peacock’ into your Xfinity voice remote to get started with the subscription.

Is there any way to watch some Peacock shows for free on Xfinity?
Yes. Comcast is providing some programs for free as a sample. For example, you can watch the first episode of new Peacock original series and new NBC series via the On Demand menu.

What will happen today (June 26) when I open the Peacock app on Xfinity?
You’ll see messaging within the Peacock app on Xfinity’s X1 and Flex boxes that Peacock Premium is no longer included at no additional cost with your Xfinity services. If eligible, you’ll be given the opportunity to resubscribe to Peacock Premium and a series of prompts will instruct you on how to take advantage of a limited-time offer.

What will happen today (June 26) when I open the Peacock app on a third-party device like Roku?
If you’re using the Peacock app on a third-party device, you’ll see a message that Peacock Premium is no longer included at no additional cost with your Xfinity service. You can manage your plan and, if eligible, resubscribe to Peacock Premium through the limited time offer by visiting or through your TV set-top.

Why is Comcast is ending free Peacock?
The streaming industry as a whole has shifted priorities in the last year, eliminating dirt-cheap promotional prices to focus on becoming profitable. That’s why companies are laying off employees, trimming programming libraries and raising prices. The eliminating of free Peacock is part of that effort.

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— Phillip Swann