By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

YouTube TV on Monday night (July 11) had another technical snafu during a high-profile live sporting event, creating more anxiety among subscribers that the streamer isn’t ready to carry the NFL Sunday Ticket this fall.

Shortly after ESPN’s broadcast of the MLB Home Run Derby began last night at 8 p.m. ET, a significant number of YouTube TV subscribers began posting complaints on social media sites saying the channel wouldn’t load.

“Why is ESPN the only channel not working on @YouTubeTV ??? That’s not the channel you slack on. Make Lifetime not work next time,” tweeted ‘Hold the Mayo.’

“I pay too much money for YouTubeTV to not have a working ESPN,” added ‘Rocky Balboa.’

“YouTube TV ESPN down for anyone else?” tweeted ‘Mutineer Hot Take Game Theory.’

YouTube’s Twitter customer support team acknowledged the issue and said it was ‘looking into it.’

The complaints seemed to decline after an hour or so and a few people said Hulu was also having issues. But that was cold comfort to YouTube TV subscribers who experienced multiple glitches during the NBA playoffs. With the NFL season starting in less than two months, some wondered if YouTube TV is prepared to stream the NFL Sunday Ticket for the first time. Google, the owner of YouTube TV, purchased the Ticket’s rights last December after it was a DIRECTV exclusive for 28 years.

“Yep. @youtubeTV going to s— the bed all football season, can’t even handle a home run derby,” wrote ‘Joe M’ on Twitter.

“Both ESPN and ESPN 2 are broadcasting the HR Derby but ESPN simply won’t load for me. Wouldn’t care if not for the fact that the latter is a “statcast” nonsense version and I just want the regular ESPN broadcast. Is this another case of YTTV not accounting for sporting event viewership properly and getting steamrolled?” wrote one Reddit user.

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— Phillip Swann