By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, I’m thinking of cutting the cord and getting YouTube TV but it’s still expensive. Any tips on how to save money on YouTube TV? — Marie, Pasadena, California.

Marie, YouTube TV, the live streaming service owned by Google, is a popular choice for cord-cutters. The streamer offers more than 100 channels, and it now has the exclusive rights to carry the NFL Sunday Ticket.

But at $72.99 a month, not including taxes, a YouTube TV subscription might still be too costly for consumers looking to reduce their monthly viewing expenses. So here are four ways to save money on YouTube TV:

1. Get the free trial.
YouTube TV offers a free trial varying in length from five days up to three weeks, depending upon the promotion of the time. This is a great way to check out the service’s features before actually deciding to subscribe. In addition, you can prolong your payment if you do decide to subscribe.

2. Get $8 off the first three months.
YouTube TV is now offering the first three months for $64.99 a month, an $8 savings per month and $24 in total.

3. Suspend your subscription during slow viewing times.
YouTube TV allows you to pause your subscription from four weeks to six months. If you’re planning to go on an extended vacation during the summer, you could save money by pausing YouTube TV until you come back. And when you do return, your settings, DVR recordings and viewing profile will be there waiting for you.

4. Find a subscription partner.
YouTube TV offers unlimited streams, meaning multiple people can watch at the same time on different devices. So you could split your YouTube TV sub cost with a friend. However, note that both of you would need to periodically use the service in the home location where the account was established. For instance, if a neighbor started the account, you would need to go there occasionally to watch YouTube TV on your streaming device, such as a smart phone. If that’s doable, you could cut the sub cost in half by partnering with a pal. See this YouTube TV page for more details.

Marie, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann