TV Answer Man, I heard that college students don’t have to pay as much for the NFL Sunday Ticket. Do you know what the price is? I have a son in college and we could watch the Ticket together if the price is right. — Tommy, Prince Frederick, Maryland. 

Tommy, DIRECTV has not raised the NFL Sunday Ticket’s price since 2018, but the full season rate can still be too steep for some. For existing subscribers, this season’s Sunday Ticket costs $293.94 for the base plan while the Max edition (which includes the RedZone and Fantasy channels) is $395.94.

The price of the Ticket’s streaming version, which is available to some non-DIRECTV subscribers, is the same for both plans.

However, the streaming Ticket includes special discount pricing for current college or university students, and graduates who were enrolled in a college or university within the last 18 months.

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If you’re a current college or university student, you only have to pay $119.96 (or $29.99 a month for four months) for the Max plan. (You will have to input a valid university e-mail address, school name and date of birth.) That’s nearly $300 off the normal price and you don’t need a dish.

Plus, if you input the code, TeamHuddle2022, the price goes to $96!

See video below for two great sports deals for college students!

If you’re a previous student within the last 18 months, the discount is a bit less with $199.96 (or $49.99 a month for four months) for the base plan and $299.96 (or $74.99 a month for four months) for the Max package. But a discount is a discount.

The streaming Ticket can be viewed on most popular devices such as the Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. You can see a complete list of compatible devices here.

Tommy, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann