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Pac 12 Network & AT&T: Are They Negotiating?

Q. You wrote awhile back that AT&T’s deal to carry the Pac 12 Network would end in September. But the channel is still on U-verse (which AT&T owns). So, is there a new deal? Are the companies still talking? What’s up here? — Anna, Las Vegas. Anna, you are right. I wrote last month that U-verse,

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DIRECTV & U-verse: Where’s the Pac 12 Network?

Q. Is there anything new with the Pac 12 Network going on DIRECTV? Will it happen this season? I remember you wrote about some negotiations that are going on now. Right? — June, Manhattan Beach, California.  June, you are right.  I wrote last month that U-verse, which AT&T owns in addition to owning DIRECTV, could soon

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DIRECTV: Will It Ever Carry Pac 12 Network?

Q. I am a big fan of UCLA, particularly its football team. But my TV service, which is DIRECTV, doesn’t carry the Pac 12 Network, which carries a lot of UCLA sports. My question to you: Will DIRECTV every carry the Pac 12 Network, or do I need to switch to another TV service? —

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