DIRECTV is now offering $10 off the monthly bill for new customers for the first year of service.

The discount, which began today and runs through July 22, means that DIRECTV’s base package, Entertainment, with more than 160 channels, is now available for $64.99 for each of the first 12 months.

The satcaster’s Choice plan (185 channels), which is normally $79.99 a month, is now $69.99 a month for the first year while its Ultimate package of 250 channels is $89.99 a month and its Premier plan of 330 channels is $139.99 a month.

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However, there are some catches to the promotion.

1. You must agree to a two-year contract. 
DIRECTV, like some other pay TV operators, requires new customers to agree to a two-year contract. In return, the satcaster offers several benefits such as free Sunday Ticket with the Choice plan and above, and free movie channels for three months for all plans.

2. The prices go up in year two.
While you will pay a smaller rate in year one, the prices for each DIRECTV plan nearly double in year two. For example, with the promotion, the Choice plan will cost $79.99 a month in year one but rise to at least $129.99 a month in year two. And don’t think about cancelling after year one. DIRECTV charges a $20 a month penalty for early termination for every month left in the contract.

3. The deal is only for new customers. 
Yes, existing customers must pay the regular prices. This promotion is only good for new DIRECTV subscribers.

But if those three stipulations don’t bother you, here’s your chance to get a dish and Sunday Ticket for the 2022 season.

DIRECTV, which has lost several million subscribers over the last several years, is also running a price reduction promotion for its streaming service, DIRECTV Stream.

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— Phillip Swann