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TV Answer Man, do you know if you can use the fast forward to skip ads when watching shows on YouTube TV? — Ellie, New Haven, Connecticut.
Ellie, YouTube TV offers DVR recording with unlimited recording, which means there’s no limit on simultaneous recordings. You can also stream your recording wherever you are, and your recordings are maintained for nine months. But can you fast-forward past ads when you watch them?

YouTube TV Says You Can Fast Forward Ads

YouTube TV’s web site says you can “typically fast-forward through ads on recorded programs once they’ve aired on live TV.” Typically means that it’s the usual practice, but there may be certain shows or networks that will prohibit fast-forwarding the ads. I am not aware of any in particular, but YouTube TV is couching its promise just in case.

YouTube TV also notes that you can’t skip ads while watching live TV. But if you pause the show, you can fast forward until you catch up with the live version. If you watch a show in YouTube TV’s Video on Demand library, some come with an ‘ad’ icon in the corner. YouTube TV says you normally cannot fast forward those ads. It’s similar to certain ads in YouTube; while you can skip most ads in YouTube, some you cannot.

Ellie, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe.

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