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TV Answer Man, I am going to watch tonight’s Amazon game with the Bengals and Ravens, but what is the Next Gen stats feed? Is it worth watching over the regular broadcast? — True, Chincoteague, Virginia.
True, Amazon tonight will stream its exclusive Thursday Night Football game with the Cincinnati Bengals facing the Baltimore Ravens. The tech giant offers the traditional broadcast as well as a Spanish-language version and an alternative feed called, Prime Vision With Next Gen Stats. But what is different about PV With NGS? Is it worth checking out?

Prime Vision With Next Gen Stats Explained

For starters, the camera for the alternative feed is set higher than the normal broadcast camera, allowing you to see every player on the field during play. In addition, when certain players come up to the line, and sometimes during the play itself, they are placed in virtual circles with name tags to help you identify who’s doing what. There are other on-screen stats and graphics from time to time such as the field goal probability from certain distances, a clock showing the time a play takes to unfold, and on-field virtual lines to show a receiver’s route. It has a video game feel and I can’t say that everyone would enjoy it. But if you’re not heavily invested in the outcome of the game you’re watching, it might be worth checking out for a few minutes at least.

Bobby, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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