By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

With Veterans Day tomorrow, many people will enjoy a longer weekend than normal which is a great excuse for us to highlight the top 5 new titles being added to streaming over the next three days. And here they are:

1. The Killer (Netflix)
Directed by David Fincher, The Killer stars Michael Fassbender as an assassin who becomes the hunted one after a botched hit. Fincher, who has helmed such works of genius as Fight Club, The Social Network, Panic Room, Zodiac and Se7en, never fails to produce an entertaining two hours (or more) and The Killer is already collecting raves for its characteristic style, clever plotlines and atmospherics. (Fincher, by the way, directed Mank for Netflix as well as was involved in the making of House of Cards for the streamer.) Debuts on Netflix today (November 10).

2. Albert Brooks: Defending My Life (Max)
Albert Brooks, the greatest comedian you’ve never heard of. Yes, the man who made some of the funniest films ever, such as Modern Romance, Real Life, Mother, Lost in America and Defending Your Life, will be the subject of an HBO documentary. Longtime Albert pal and director Rob Reiner will direct and converse with Albert about his career. If it’s like anything else that Albert has done, it will be hysterically funny and watched by very few people. But I’ll be watching. (Below a snippet from Albert’s movie, Defending Your Life, with the great Rip Torn as his attorney in the after life.) Debuts on Max and HBO on November 11.

3. 007: Road to a Million (Amazon’s Prime Video)
Amazon, whose MGM Studios owns the rights to the James Bond films, taps the synergy button with a reality contestant game where nine teams will participate in Bond-like stunts to win cash prizes. Sounds fun if you like that sort of thing. Debuts on Prime Video on November 10.

4. Big Ten Basketball Games In 4K HDR (Peacock)
Peacock today (November 10) will offer four Big Ten college basketball games in 4K:  Texas A&M vs. Ohio State at 6:30 p.m. ET; UTSA vs. Minnesota at 7 p.m. ET;  Alabama State vs. Iowa at 8 p.m. ET; and Tennessee vs. Wisconsin at 9 p.m. ET. The games will also be available in high-def in case you don’t have a 4K TV or a compatible 4K-enabled streaming device.

5. The Curse (Showtime on Paramount+)
Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder star in this comedy about a married couple (and HGTV stars) who believe a curse is affecting their relationship (and pretty much everything else in their lives.) Premiere episode debuts today (November 10).

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