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Reader Question

TV Answer Man, I have never seen the RedZone channel. Could you give me some details on what it’s like? How do they show games etc.? Thanks in advance. (I hope that’s not a stupid question.) — Sherry, New Haven, Connecticut.
Sherry, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers, although I will try to provide a smart one for you.

What Is the NFL RedZone Channel?

The NFL RedZone channel, which is owned and run by the NFL Network, provides live look-ins at multiple NFL Sunday afternoon games. (It only airs on Sundays during the league’s regular season.) The channel, hosted by Scott Hanson, offers occasional coverage of play outside the ‘Red Zone.’ which is inside an opponent’s 20-yard line. But the main focus is when a team crosses the Red Zone, thereby the channel’s name.

NFL RedZone provides continuous live game action, cutting between multiple games to show the most exciting plays, touchdowns, and important moments. The channel also provides real-time highlights, commentary, and analysis, allowing viewers to keep up with all the important plays happening across the league without having to switch between different games on different channels. It’s a popular choice for fantasy football enthusiasts and NFL fans who want to stay updated with the latest developments in multiple games simultaneously without having to subscribe to the more expensive NFL Sunday Ticket via YouTube.

Which Providers Carry the NFL RedZone?

The TV providers that offer the NFL RedZone channel include Cox, DIRECTV, DIRECTV Stream, Comcast’s Xfinity, YouTube TV, Fubo, FiOS, Optimum, Sling TV, Dish, Hulu Live and Charter’s Spectrum TV. (In most cases, the RedZone is part of a sports add-on plan but YouTube includes it in the Sunday Ticket bundle.) The NFL Plus streaming service, which is run separately by the league, includes the NFL RedZone channel in its Premium plan, which is $14.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

Sherry, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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