TV Answer Man, have you watched sports in 4K on DIRECTV Stream yet? How does it look? Is it worth getting DIRECTV Stream to watch live sports in 4K? — Marcus, Chicago.

Marcus, DIRECTV Stream yesterday added two live 4K channels on 4K-enabled devices such as Roku and Fire TV which will enable subscribers to watch Major League Baseball, World Cup soccer and other live sporting events in the format. The company’s streaming customers who use the Gemini set-top also now have the two live 4K channels, 105 and 106. (The Gemini streamers are categorized as DIRECTV via streaming rather than DIRECTV Stream which uses non-company set-tops such as Roku and Fire TV.)
How Does Live Sports In 4K Look On DIRECTV Stream?
How does live 4K look on DIRECTV Stream, you ask? I watched today’s FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer game between France and Morocco, and it looked awesome. The picture was amazingly detailed, particularly when the camera came in for close-ups of the coaches on the sidelines and players on the field. You could see every facial crevice, hair strand, blade of grass, you name it. It was a tremendous showcase for what 4K TV is supposed to be. You felt like you were at the game because the picture was so realistic. Even when the camera was positioned further away to display a wide shot of the field, the picture was exceptionally clear and vivid. The game was also in 4K on Peacock and the Fox Sports app, but the DIRECTV Stream 4K feed was demonstrably better. (FWIW, I would put Peacock’s 4K ahead of the Fox Sports app.)

I don’t know how future live 4K sporting events will look on DIRECTV Stream, but the live streamer is off to a great start. The picture was so good today that I would be more inclined to watch a game in 4K on DIRECTV Stream just because it’s in 4K.

DIRECTV Stream is not charging extra for the live 4K channels unlike YouTube TV which requires base subscribers ($72.99 a month) to pay $9.99 a month extra to watch 4K programming. Fubo includes 4K programming in its second-tier plan, which is $84.99 a month. (Note: I did not watch today’s France-Morocco game on either Fubo or YouTube TV so I can’t compare their displays to today’s DIRECTV Stream’s images.)

— Phillip Swann