By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

DIRECTV Stream today added two live 4K channels on 4K-enabled devices such as Roku and Fire TV which will enable subscribers to watch Major League Baseball, World Cup soccer and other live sporting events in the format. The company’s streaming customers who use the Gemini set-top also now have the two live 4K channels, 105 and 106. (The Gemini streamers are categorized as DIRECTV via streaming rather than DIRECTV Stream which uses non-company set-tops such as Roku and Fire TV.)

With today’s addition, DIRECTV Stream joins Fubo and YouTube TV as live streaming services that offer live sports in 4K. The DIRECTV Stream channel 105 tonight at 7 p.m. ET will show the Boston Red Sox-Kansas City Royals game in 4K, although it will only be available in the Boston market since it’s a NESN broadcast. DIRECTV Stream’s first non-regional live event in 4K will be Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET when it airs the FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer match between Spain and the Netherlands.

Update: DIRECTV Stream has added more World Cup games starting with Tuesday’s (August 8) lineup.

DIRECTV Stream and DIRECTV via streaming last month added channel 104, a 4K channel, for streaming customers who have the company’s new Gemini set-top and 4K-enabled Roku devices. The 104 channel offers 24-hour nature documentaries, recorded concerts and lifestyle shows in 4K.

DIRECTV Stream is not charging extra for the three 4K channels unlike YouTube TV which requires base subscribers ($72.99 a month) to pay $9.99 a month extra to watch 4K programming. Fubo includes 4K programming in its second-tier plan, which is $84.99 a month.

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— Phillip Swann