Dish said today that it will return HBO and Cinemax to its lineup, ending a near three-year carriage dispute with their owner, AT&T and Warner Media.

“We are pleased to announce that HBO and Cinemax will be coming back soon,” Dish’s Twitter customer service team posted today. “Stay tuned as we gather more details available to share with our customers!”

Dish has also created a new page for HBO Max at its web site. The page says Dish customers can get six different HBO channels for $15 a month. Four of the six (HBO East, HBO West, HBO 2, and HBO Latino) will be available over satellite while two others (HBO Signature, HBO Family) will require an Internet connection, Dish HBO subscribers will also be able to use their user name and password to access the HBO Max app.

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The new agreement is another sign of the improving relationship between Dish and AT&T; the two companies have been at war for years for various reasons including a botched attempt to merge in 2007, according to CNBC.

But Dish and AT&T last week signed a multi-billion dollar deal that will provide AT&T’s wireless service to Dish’s wireless customers. That agreement has spurred talk that a satellite TV merger between Dish and the AT&T-owned DIRECTV could be next.

It’s unclear if the new Dish-AT&T HBO deal will also include Sling TV, Dish’s live streaming service which also lost the two premium channels in November 2018. The Sling TV web site currently has no reference to HBO or Cinemax.

The TV Answer Man has asked Dish’s public relations department for more information on the agreement and will report back here if more details become available.

Update: A Dish spokesperson says there are no plans to add HBO or Cinemax to Sling TV.

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— Phillip Swann