Netflix this month (August 2021) plans to add 102 new TV shows and movies to its streaming lineup, including 57 originals.

The new titles will include The Kissing Booth 3, the Netflix original movie series starring Joey King as a teenager lost in love; Beckett, a Netflix original thriller film starring John David Washington (Tenet) as an American tourist in Greece who becomes the accidental target of an international manhunt; Hit & Run, a Netflix original dramatic series starring Lior Raz as a man who learns that his wife’s accidental death may not have been an accident after all; Vivo, a Netflix animated movie about a Kinkajou (voice of Lin-Manuel Miranda) who helps his owner reconnect with his long-lost love; and season five of Go! Go! Cory Carson, a Netflix original animated children’s series about a friendly orange car.

Also notable: Top Secrets UFO Projects: Declassified, a Netflix original documentary series on the theory that the government has covered up evidence of alien invaders; Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami, a Netflix original documentary on two Cuban immigrants who became Scarface-like drug kingpins in South Florida’s go-go 80s; and Untold: Malace at the Palace, a Netflix original documentary about the notorious brawl that took place on court and off during a 2004 Indiana Pacers-Detroit Pistons game.

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Here is the complete list of new titles coming in August 2021 to Netflix: