The National Football League yesterday kicked off its first Sunday of the 2020 season, and many people were excited to follow the action by subscribing to the Red Zone Channel on the NFL’s mobile app.

In 2019, the price of a standalone subscription to the channel on the app was just $34.99 for the entire season. But when fans went to the app last week, the Red Zone page said the price would be $34.99 a month, not for the entire year.


Potential customers immediately took to social media sites to complain, adding that they would never pay $34.99 a month, particularly during a year when the Coronavirus pandemic could shorten the season at any time.

The $34.99 a month posted price seemed especially odd because when you clicked on the subscribe button, the order page said, ‘$34.99/per year,’ not per month. However, it would appear that many fans never got past the advertised price of $34.99 a month, and decided not to subscribe.

This morning, I asked Alex Riethmiller, an NFL spokesman, for an explanation. He said this afternoon in a one-sentence e-mail that the price was “$34.99 a month on the app.”

I responded that that didn’t seem right, and asked for further clarification. A few hours later, Brenna Webb, another NFL spokesperson, responded to me by e-mail:

“Apologizes for the confusion. The price for NFL RedZone is $34.99/year. The current copy saying $34.99/month is incorrect and our team is (currently) working to get it corrected on the marketing copy. Again, apologizes for the confusion this caused and thank you for bringing to our attention.”

So, yes, the price is $34.99 for the season. But how many potential Red Zone subscribers did the NFL lose for the season by posting the wrong price is a question that can’t be answered. But I would bet it’s quite a few.

By the way, here’s the NFL app page with the wrong price. (It will probably won’t stay up much longer.):

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— Phillip Swann