By Phillip Swann
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TV Answer Man, we have used an antenna at our new home but we are thinking of getting the DIRECTV dish. Do you know if you need the Internet to watch it? Our Internet plan is not so great. Please let us know. My friend says you need the Internet to stream DIRECTV. Thank you for your work!! — Sheila, Solomons, Maryland.

Sheila, DIRECTV has two services, one by satellite and one by streaming. The latter, which comes in two flavors, DIRECTV Stream (you use your own streaming device) and DIRECTV via Streaming (you use a DIRECTV-supplied set-top), does require an Internet connection.

However, DIRECTV’s satellite service, which also includes a company set-top, does not require the Internet. The signals are beamed to your home via the satellites in the sky. You do not need the Net to watch them.

If you do get DIRECTV’s satellite service, and do not connect the set-top to the Net, note that you will not be able to watch the satcaster’s On Demand lineup of movies and TV shows or access such as apps as YouTube and Netflix.

Sheila, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!
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