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YouTube TV last Tuesday joined the Black Friday fun by slashing prices on the NFL Sunday Ticket with seven weeks left in the regular season. But the deal will end at the end of today, November 27.

YouTube TV subscribers can now get the base package of out-of-market Sunday afternoon games for $89 or four monthly payments of $22.25. The Ticket bundle, which also includes the NFL RedZone channel, can be had for $109 or four monthly payments of $27.25.

This Ticket subscription requires a subscription to YouTube TV which starts at $72.99 a month although they are now offering the live streaming service for $50.99 a month for the first three months.

The regular Sunday Ticket price now for YouTube TV subscribers is $174 for the base plan and $194 for the bundle.

Through the end of tomorrow (November 27), YouTube Primetime Channels users can subscribe to the base Ticket for $139 or $159 for the bundle. The base plan’s regular price now for Primetime Channels is $224 while the bundle is $244.

YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels on November 1 dropped the price of the NFL Sunday Ticket by 50 percent with 10 weeks left in the regular season.

You can learn more about this Black Friday offer here.

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