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TV Answer Man, do you know anything about this Netflix offer on DIRECTV Stream? Do you get a big discount with it? — James, Rockville, Maryland.
James, DIRECTV Stream is alerting subscribers that they can subscribe to Netflix’s Premium plan through them rather than directly through Netflix. Or, if you’re already a Netflix subscriber, you can link your account to your DIRECTV Stream account so the bill will include both services.

However, there is no discount for subscribing to Netflix’s Premium plan (cost is $22.99 a month) through DIRECTV Stream nor is there any other tangible benefit other than having the Netflix bill on your DIRECTV Stream bill. And one could argue that benefits DIRECTV Stream more than it does the subscriber because the TV company is able to gather more personal data on you.

In a recent Reddit forum on the Netflix offer, some subscribers noted the lack of a reason to ‘take advantage’ of this promotion.

“That’s dumb. This would have been the best bundle out there if there was some type of discount,” said ‘RotaryP7.’

“If I could have Netflix show up as a channel on DTV stream, might be worth it,” added ‘Tweak454.’

DIRECTV responded through its Reddit account with this statement: “We appreciate your view about our integrated bill, now including Netflix. We added this benefit for $22.99/mo to have all your charges in the same place. Your idea is very appealing to us, and we’ll take it to our teams to evaluate it for future updates.”

So James, sorry, but no discount for subscribing to Netflix through DIRECTV Stream.

Hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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