By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, the DIRECTV and Nexstar fight is over, right? Then why don’t I have KTLA back on DIRECTV Stream?! What’s taking them so long to put the channel back on? This is total incompetence! — Barry, Los Angeles.
Barry, DIRECTV and Nexstar announced on September 18 that they have signed a multi-year carriage agreement to resume carriage of the 176 Nexstar-owned local channels, and NewsNation. The TV provider said at the time of the announcement that the channels would return to the lineups of DIRECTV’s satellite service, DIRECTV Stream and U-verse. However, it cautioned that the signals might not be added back immediately. (The missing channels) have either already returned to your lineup or soon will,” DIRECTV says on its TV Promise page.

Since the deal was made official, I’ve received several reader e-mails and X Direct Messages saying certain channels have not returned. After talking to DIRECTV, it’s my understanding that all the channels are back. However, I suspect there are a few reasons why you might not see your missing channel yet. One, in the case of KTLA, The CW affiliate in Los Angeles, it was not on DIRECTV Stream before the Nexstar blackout. And it’s not being added now that a new agreement was signed. That’s why you don’t have KTLA on Stream.

As for other missing channels, there could be some confusion over the Mission and White Knight network affiliates which are still blacked out. While Nexstar manages the 30 Mission/White Knight stations, it does not own them so they are not part of the new DIRECTV-Nexstar agreement. Third, subscribers who are still missing Nexstar-owned channels may need to reinstall their apps if they have DIRECTV Stream. This will reset the lineups and, hopefully, return the missing channel (s).

Barry, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann