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Comcast today launched a new product, called Storm-Ready WiFi, which is designed to allow Xfinity customers to continue streaming and using the Internet during local power outages caused by storms and other issues. The device is equipped with a cellular back-up and a four-hour rechargeable battery which will keep the WiFi signal operating in the house even when there is no power. The customer’s WiFi network is automatically transitioned to the cellular back-up so he or she can continue using the Internet.

The company says the average power outage in the United States is two hours so the four-hour battery should prevent most WiFi outages caused by storms. “With so much of our daily lives dependent on WiFi connectivity, we knew our customers needed a product that could help keep them connected no matter what life throws at them – even during a storm,” Emily Waldorf, senior vice president of consumer Internet services, said in a press release today.  “Storm-Ready WiFi is that solution. Not only does Storm-Ready WiFi extend coverage to deliver our best-in-class WiFi to hard-to-reach corners of the home, but it also gives customers the peace of mind that their connection at home can continue even when the power is out.”

The device doubles as a wireless extender, delivering the WiFi signals to hard-to-reach areas of the house. It works with Xfinity gateways to create a wall-to-wall mesh network that extends coverage throughout customers’ homes.

Xfinity’s Storm-Ready WiFi, which is available for $7 a month for 36 months, goes on sale today at Xfinity stores and online at

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